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Windsurfing in Samoa

Samoa is our newest destination for wind and kite-surfing. Upolu - the main island of Samoa - receives consistent south east trade winds during the winter months (May - Nov) and there are a number of accommodation options ranging from deluxe to budget.

Samoa is rich in culture and still very much an underdeveloped country. Its a large picturesque island with tall mountains, tropical rainforests and palm fringed golden beaches. The majority of the island is circled by a lagoon which ranges from 100m to 1km. The lagoons are deep enough for sailing and the crystal clear water is full of sea life and the snorkelling is great.

Expect to sail by yourself or with the people your travelling with, as this is a destination which is off the beaten track.

Since the island is only located about 13 deg south of the equator, the island keeps a fairly constant air and water temperature year round. Water temperature is an average of 29 deg and the daytime temperature is 32 deg. There are two weather seasons in Samoa - the wet season (Nov - Mar) and dry season Apr - Oct. The wet season can be humid with torrential rain or dry spells, with the dry season having long hot days with slightly cooler nights.